How to add a script

This is in my opinion a bit of a dumb question, but I want to add a script (Guest WiFi QR Code (via luci-app-commands?)) to my OpenWrt router.
Im not sure how to add a script - maybe I missed something in the guides.
So my questions are:
How to make a script and where should I save the script.
How to call the script or how works an automatic invoke of a script?


That thread contains a lot of information, so what you want might well be there. But you haven't really described what your ultimate goal is -- for example, where do you plan to show the QR code? How would a user get to the code -- is a privileged user required to give the code to someone else?

Please elaborate on what you ultimately hope to achieve.

Hey, thanks for your reply.
I had problems to create a script. That was my question.
Finally it was pretty simple.
I installed nano, created a file with .sh extension and executed it. It was more simple than I expected.
My Problem was just the missing informations about file extensions, where to save the file and how to execute the file.

opkg install nano

I installed at first a text editor.


I edited a file containing my script and saved the script as a file. The directory and the file extension wasn't important.
after that I had to invoke the script.
which was done by

. /myScript

(the space between dot and "/" should be more highlighted)
It's finally solved..

file extensions are not required in linux. But execute permissions are necessary.

That said, I am glad you have resolved the issue. If you have a moment, you might add some detail as to what you were missing so that future readers with similar questions can find the solutions here.

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Im not that often confronted with linux, but while reading this, it makes even more sense for me.

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