How to access video clip from vlc via uhttpd

Hello everybody!

I've some video clips on my openwrt server, I configured uhttpd to access the directory where they are
but I got a message from VLC as videos are not accessible.

My uhttpd config for that:

config uhttpd             'videodoc'
list listen_http           ''
list listen_https         ''
option home             '/mnt/FACTOTUM1/JUKEBOX1'
option rfc1918_filter   '1'
option cert             '/etc/uhttpd.crt'
option key              '/etc/uhttpd.key'
option cgi_prefix       '/cgi-bin'
list interpreter        '.php=/usr/bin/php-cgi'
option script_timeout   '60'
option network_timeout  '30'
option index_page       'index.html index.php'
no_dirlists             '1'

System configuration:

Lenovo Y1
OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1

Any help is welcome.

Thank's by advance ...

what URL was used ?

it was time to upgrade, 5 years ago or so.


Hello Frollic,

Yes, your're right and as you said: it was time to upgrade, but as you know some routers are ressources limited for a LED migration (my first openwrt config was based on a "SLUG" device before openwrt release name was made like AA, BB, CC was early 2000's ...) !

The URL is:

The videos are not accessible either from VLC nor from my own Android apps, I've also an external VPS running CentOS and Apache, and it works with both VLC and my Android Apps.


and via browser ?

First of all, can you access the file at all? (curl, browser etc)
Since uhttpd is a barebones httpd I would except that requesting segments etc isn't implemented simply because it doesn't make sense given the intended use of uhttpd which probably makes VLC not so happy.

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Hello Frollic and Diizzy,

To answer Frollic, the browser I use is FireFox and the video documents are found and downloaded (not played ...)

To answer Diizzy, yes files are accesible from other device on my lan. More, I wrote a PHP script to stream the clips with range feature, but no way to get it working ...

Thanks for your help!

It could be interesting to know that miniDLNA is able to stream my video files ...

Because DLNA/UPNP isn't the same thing as "pure" http? :slight_smile:

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Yes and no, it's a mix depends on what function is involved.

Is your problem solved?

Unless you mean that some of the [DLNA] protocol requires HTTP Get calls to start HTTP streams, otherwise, nope.

In fact, as I recall, the protocol can use RTSP also. Those streams usually play upon receipt in media apps.

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Hello lleachii,

Thanks for reply, but my problem is not yet solved!

Because Openwrt is probably not oriented streaming as I need, I guess I've to still use miniDLNA and develop an UPNP browser Android apps

maybe use the script? calling (inhandled) data files directly will naturally download them...

You can either use Gerbera, miniDLNA aka ReadyDLNA or a more suitable http server. If you're looking for help on how to implement DLNA in PHP I'm afraid that's out of scope for a forum targeting a Linux distribution.

My purpose is not to implement DLNA in PHP ... just to use MiniDLNA by itself and develop an upnp browser Android Apps.

Hello guys,
Many thanks to all of you to have tried to help me to fix my issue but, it seems you don't have a solution to propose me to fix it, so .... it's probably a true technical issue!
As I said I'm currently developing my own android upnp brother to interact with minidlna which works ok for me.
Regards to all of you

You may have to patch uhttpd, to teach it about the desired mimetype for your video files. That said, OpenWrt and uhttpd aren't designed with this in mind.

Or swap web server.

That's what I alos think slh !

Why not frollic but Apache migration will generate ressources consumption issues ...

As I see, you have already php. Then I suggest to try nginx on top, instead/besides uhttpd.
Streaming videos myself this way, works like a charm.
How much RAM/flash do you have ?
(apache usually is more memory hungry, especially in case of multiple concurrent users.)

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