How to access to Transmision Bittorrent from outside

Hi there, I'm actually have an OpenWRT device in my parents house with an USB which I access from outside trough FTP by No-IP DDNS.
With FileZilla I send them media files from my house to them to the USB and then, my parents play those files trough DLNA without any trouble.

But use FileZilla is..... as slowly as posible, and I'm thinking about use transmission to directly download files to theirs USB but, how can I access transmission from outside?

Thanks for your time!

FTP shouldnt be any slower than a torrent, if there's a difference in speed it's because of the router not being able to handle the traffic, the media you're writing to being slow or your own internet connection unable to saturate theirs.

FTP is generally a fast transfer protocol.

If you're still doing it -
port should obviously be different, and you probably need to open a port range for the transmission connections.

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FTP is not secure by default. Highly recommend you use rsync over ssh or something similar.

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This can happen due to asymmetric connection or ISP traffic shaping.
Using a VPN can help in some cases, but in other cases it can increase overhead as well.

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But... How to access to Transmision Bittorrent from outside?

Transmission is a piece of software, bittorrent is a protocol, what exactly do you want to know ?

Consider adding a wireguard tunnel between your two sites. Then either have the player play directly off your lan, or simply copy files over the tunnel with scp for example

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I want to access to my father's house router to manage Transmision and directly download media in theirs router from my house or wherever (outside)

Transmission doesn't provide remote upload services and it doesn't support adding custom peers.
It can download using only BitTorrent or Magnet links published on trackers.
In any case, set up a VPN and you should be able to reach LuCI and Transmission web-interface.

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Setup wireguard or vpn between the two homes so you can both access each other's LAN