How to access the router data of the mesh network

I am trying to get the metric data from the mesh network. With the help of those metric data, I'm trying to create my own planned path for transmitting the data packet using a package. But in order to plan the path, I need to access the metric from my c program in real time.

I'm able to view the data by using the command " iw dev wlan0 station dump " but I want to access them through my c program.

Is it possible to access the data? if so how?
thanks in advance.

It’s relatively low-level access. Reading the source of iw would likely be more effective in your application than starting with the wireless drivers and working up.

Screen scraping might be a possibility at the proof-of-concept level.

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Thank you for replying.
I have no idea about screen scraping. It would help me a lot if you could suggest some link that would help me getting the metric data.

Grab the output of the command and extract what you need from the text. It is typically done in a higher-level language, such as Python, or with a shell script and utilities like grep, sed, awk, and the like. Writing that kind of text processing in C is not simple.

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Is it possible to access the data using daemon like collectd.

maybe have a look at what metrics prometheus-node-exporter-lua-wifi / bmx6/7 can provide ?