How to access/read value of a shell script via lua

Hello, I am making a custom app in openWrt using luasrc structure. I have a shell script in which various functions are defined and I am able to execute those functions using os.execute from my lua script. But now I want to access/read the value of the variable in my shell script. I tried using io.popen , I just used the example code for io.popen and it is throwing an error ./example.lua: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token (' ./example.lua: line 1: f = assert (io.popen ("ls -l"))'

Is there a way to read the value of a variable which is in shell script from lua script.

I'm sure there are better ways in lua to iterate over/get a list of a directory content than running ls -l over it.

Before the transition to client-side rendering, the luci-app-advanced-reboot used to pull a lot of information from various shell commands into the lua file, so maybe this will be helpful.

Thanks for your reply!!!
Your suggestion worked for me

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