How to access LAN IP of Modem

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Is it possbile to access lan IP of the Modem connected to WAN IP of OpenWRT? But WAN IP of OpenWRT is on BridgeMode hence not getting the ip of the Modem instead from another DHCP server (CGNAT IP).

OpenWRT Wan IP: (CGNAT IP from ISP)
OpenWRT Lan IP:
Laptop IP:

Modem LAN IP:

Need to able to access from

I did some research but unable to apply or make it work. it is about MASQ or SNAT.
Also when I directly connect my laptop and set the CGNAT IP I acquired to static and add virtual ip 192.168.100.X. I can reach the Moden Lan ip.

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Check this guide.

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I'm using the below cannot find the IP alias.


Create a new interface named modem and for physical interface scroll down at the bottom of the drop down list and type @wan and Enter. Continue to configure it as per guide.


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Thanks, visited the updated guide here.

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