How to access control panel via IPv6?

I'm locked out of the device. I disabled the IPv4 DHCP server as I wanted pfSense to handle DHCP. Now when I connect via ethernet to the device it assigns a ipv6 link local address.

What would be the best way to access the control panel of openwrt when only ipv6 dhcp is running?

Unless you have specifically told the router NOT to listen on IPV4, the quickest way is to manually set a valid IPV4 address on your computer and you're good to go.


What @aboaboit said... unless you happened to also set the LAN IP of the router as DHCP client (I hope not!), in which case your easiest solution would be to connect both the PC and the router to another router (LAN to LAN) to get IP addresses.

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I've tried setting a static IP on my computer to and also tired


This is how my interfaces look in pfSense. pfSense detects the openwrt access point and client are able to connect to SSID and get an internet connection no problem.

When I try enter into the browser it redirects me to the pfSense admin panel instead of openwrt.

When I disconnect openwrt from pfSense and connect computer to it via ethernet with all the static IP ranges I believe are valid. It still does not let me access the control panel. Says it cannot find the host.

I recall being able to manage the control panel via IPv6. I have no idea how I done it but it was certainly possible.

Since pfSense shows the access point interface as I would have thought this was the range I used when configuring openwrt. Trutth is I have no idea what range I used... any thoughts on how to find this out?

It depends on if you acttually disabled DHCP server, or DHCP client. You may see traffic from the OpenWrt by sniffling the wire.

For IPv6, the command is: ip -6 neigh

You should see a list of all IPv6 devices on the wire.


This let me find what I was looking for. Thank you.

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