How to access a particular revision?

Can anyone help me find or give me a hint on:

  • the revision “r49619” for Version 2015.05?
  • Source Code for „base files 157.2-r49619“.
  • Where to find the Source Code for the “kmod” files to this version (revision / 2015.05)?
  • Link and/or Source Code to the package “mtd” Version 21
    (received this years ago and now there needs to be an OSS clearing done, but am unable to locate these particular pieces)

Hm, this looks a bit like a development version from around the time Chaos Calmer was serviced. The SVN archive lists r49407 (check the commit message) as latest commit for the 15.05 release. This was probably about the time the transition from SVN to git was made. If you check the current OpenWrt code at github, you will find similar references to SVN revisions in the commit messages, but they stopped around r49400. And somewhen between 15.05 and 17.01 the split to LEDE was made, making matters more complicated.

In theory, the wiki gives you a nice guide how to retrieve the version here - but this doesn't work for your revision and the current code.

I would try to clone the github archive of the pre-merge OpenWrt code at, check it out and run scripts/ r49619 as described on the Wiki page. That might give you the commit hash of the version you are looking for.

That's directly in the source tree, hence the same revision number.

Same, the code from that time contains references to the linux kernel in use + the patches that were applied.

Same, I'm sure that mtd was also always integrated into the main code base.

To sum up: Once you locate r49619, you automatically solve all other problems as well.


Hi andyboeh,
Thanks for the fast reply, which contains an excellent explanation of why I am encountering these problems. I needed some help to enact your proposal, so it took me longer to reply than you :slightly_smiling_face: (troubles encountered were files with ":" in the name that my windows did not like, and even tried to resolve the issue by getting the branch 15.05 = chaos_calmer )
Unfortunately, the command does not give me back a git commit hash, but from what I an imagine another SVN commit number:

$ ./scripts/ r49619

If I do this recursively it just keeps returning the r49599 (or r50141 if not on branch chaos_calmer).

Any additional idea of how to solve my problem?
Like, is there still a SVN repo around somewhere?

(I have even thought of checking the licence of 15.05 and 17.01 and if they are identical, assume that anything in between is identical?)