How the official images were built?

Just curious, where did those images provided in OpenWrt wiki came from? To be more specific, those images provided under
Are they automatically built by some CI system ran by OpenWrt project organization, or are they built and submitted by other folks?

As a security researcher I'm just a bit more paranoid about the "cleanliness" of the stuff I'm using so this question naturally came up in my mind
Of course I know the only way to prove the cleanliness is to build an image from scratch on my own, but if those images provided by is safe than I think I'll just save myself some time and use it on other things.:sweat_smile:

There are separate buildbot instances for the firmware images and the installable packages. Additionally, buildbots for 19.07, 21.02 and master are separate, so currently in total there are six different buildbot instances (images & packages buildbots for each branch).

Here are links to the 21.02 buildbots:

Firmware images:


Thanks for the answer!
It's really cool to see the buildbots :flushed:

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