How support teaming(bonding) client?


I have the PC with four 1 Gbps nic that support 4 Gbps teaming on Windows which directly 4 link as teaming connected to OpenWRT(WRT32x).
Then, how should I setup the openWRT to fully support 4Gbps communication betwee the PC and OpenWRT device?(don't care about external wan connection but lan connection.
I mean I want to use all four port as 4 Gbps direct high speed link for PC direct.)

Please guide me to start. I need any clue.

There is only one internal 1 Gb port on the CPU that all the LAN ports switch in to. So you cannot get in or out of the WRT32x CPU faster than 1 Gb.

If you're trying to set up a fast NAS you should buy a fast NAS, and there's no need for bonding as 10GbE hardware is becoming common in the consumer market.


Huh? Seriously? the only one 1 G port share the rest of all four ports??? lol
where can i find the specification of the device?? CPU whitepaper? or device manual??

One or two MACs on a consumer all-in-one SoC is "standard".

Even in the cases where there are multiples shown on the cut sheet, many times only one or two can be used at a time, and/or the driver support for multiple MACs is not present in Linux.

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Nice and clear. Thx.

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