How should I install OpenWrt in alpha R36A (In a more instinctive way)

I would like someone from here to explain to me how I should install the openwrt in a way either with video or more instinctive since in the way that explains the page I do not understand it, I wait for your comments guys thanks


I have, or better had, the same question as Francis.
The page slh links to is in my opinion unclear. It took me 2 days and over 25 tries before I finally understood how to get the router in U-boot.

I suggest to change the text in:
"2. Connect PC with one of the RJ45 ports, press the reset button and keep it pressed down, power up device, wait for first blink of all LEDs (indicates network setup) and the 3 following blinks and then release the reset button."

Additional question:
The page says
"You can use sysupgrade image directly in vendor firmware which is based on LEDE/OpenWrt."
This does not work for my device. The web-interface says the image is invalid/to large for the flash memory. The device has 16MB flash/64MB RAM though.
I do not know yet if it will work through the U-boot interface. Before I try this: Is it safe to try since the regular update fails? Will this U-boot still be avaliable after I flash the new firmware, even if it goes wrong and can I use it to re-instal the factory-firmware if needed?

I have updated the devicepage accordingly.