How share openvpn for all devices on raspberry pi 3?

i am install openwrt on raspberry pi 3 and use wifiAP mod and lan for wan
so connect 5 clients to raspberry pi wifiAP.
now connect openvpn nordvpn on raspberry pi and connected nice work
so how share openvpn on other devices connect on raspberry pi wifiAP ?

how set openvpn for all devices connected on raspberry pi wifiAP ?

Convert your AP to a router:

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raspberry pi 3 has 1 lan now use lan/wan

You can add another bridged LAN interface and attach the wireless interface to the LAN bridge.

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so can i share nordvpn for all devices ?

Yes, by converting your AP to a router as mentioned above.
If you are setting up from scratch, the configuration steps are similar to the guest Wi-Fi:

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