How often should I upgrade while using trunk?

I'd like to be on stable but it didn't make to 19.07 so have to stay on trunk.
but daily reflash of router is not something I don't want to do.

That's really up to you, sometimes kernel gets bumped due to security issues otherwise just for features etc.


I don't think there are any release notes for trunk, the closest you can get is to check the manifest for your build to see if the kernel changed like @diizzy mentioned.

gitlog would be a reasonable place to look as to when to make a move.


I typically rebuild my main boxes a few times a year, or when the commit logs show something "interesting" I'd like to try out.


I usually end up "upgrading" because there's a package that I need updated and being on trunk.... :wink:


Or because there's a package I'd like to install that isn't in my last build. While I'll very, very occasionally grab a package off the public repos, I usually just run a new build with it and "catch up" everything else while I'm at it.

Keeping one build directory for each of my devices makes this a lot easier and quicker. (See "git worktree" for easy ways to do this.)

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