How much space would collectd use?

Dear OpenWrt community,

I am new OpenWrt user and I am interested into using "collectd-mod-ping" software with Luci statistics.

But I have a question, how much space would that statistic take on my router? Also, what is the best practice for small home user who want to check internet and home media server connectivity with "mod-ping"? Do I need to download ".rrd" files regularly or can user router to check for the graphs?

Thanks you!

Statistics .rrd databases are a just a few dozen kB on your /tmp ramdisk. The database is not stored on flash.

LuCI statistics (based on collectd) automatically keeps several time series, so you can pretty easily see the longer-period connectivity afterwards.

Not quite sure what you mean with that "home media server connectivity". LuCI statistics monitors connectivity from the router itself (where collectd runs) to other hosts (like an internet host or something in your local LAN). Is the router that "home media server"? Or would you like use collectd at some other device?

Thank you for very fast answer.

I want to ping few local (my home media server is at, want to check do they run) and few internet addresses (like, to check is cable modem running correctly).

What will happens after router reboot, would I loose statistics?

Per ping host.... so if you want to ping many hosts and/or more stored datapoints than thevdefault 100-200 you will need a bit more room in /tmp (which typically is RAM backed). Put differently on a small low RAM router keep the default number of points and restrict yourself to a few hosts....

BTW I recommend to use thinkbroadband's network quality monitoring (which can be used freely) and then also use collectd to ping their host, IIRC, from your side.

I kept default values and have 4 hosts to ping.

Would try, thank you!

So after let's say 7 days, what would be the size that collectd ping would use?

Which router do you have?

The rrd database is in RAM, and most current routers have something like 128-512 megabytes of RAM, so a database of some 100-200 kilobytes is not significant.

Even if you have an old 64 MB RAM router, it still shouldn't be a problem.

The RRD database size is constant. It doesn't grow. "Round Robin Database"

There is a database for five time series: 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year.
You will have exact (every 30s) data for the last hour, then that is summarised into 5 min interval data for the last day, that is then summarised into 25 min interval data for the week, etc.

I am using Cudy WR2100.

Now I understand, thank you once again :pray:

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