How monitor somes IPs


OpenWrt is installed on my TPLink Archer AC750 C2, and it:s working fine :wink:
Wlan1 :
Wlan2 :
Wlan 3 :

I have sometimes some ip packets lost, I saw that to pinging the ip gateway from my Wlan but the wifi status was not down on my laptop.

I know only one process to troubleshoot/monitor, to launch on my PC (connected to the lan : some ping on differents IP of my network:

  • (domotique server)
  • (wifi repeater)
  • (domotiqe module)
    And analyse the results after 24h.

May be there is a best way ?
Thanks on advance for your help.

I don't think there is something working out of the box. :frowning:
You'd have to customize a script to let it run in the background and output the reports, in order to automate the work.
However there can be many factors for lost packets.

  • Wireless channel congestion
  • Interference
  • Stressed CPU not responding to pings