How make from ONE PHYSICAL adapter - 2 virtual adapter for accessing from inet and lan

I have Zsun USB Wi-Fi cardreader, it have only one wi-fi adapter an doesn't have any ethernet or usb ethernet. How make from ONE PHYSICAL adapter - one virtual interface that will look on the Internet and give the web page an owrt (i plane make it accessible from tor hidden service which can work from ISP NAT), the second interface (virtual) for access from the LAN (if zsun will be unavailable from the Internet) in the access point mode and the third interface, for working with networks (such as LANs and other) - i will make custom zsun, which will work as "passthrough" for working with several internal LANs via the Internet (in turn, of course) for my friend so that he doesn’t have to travel to the same buildings in different office several times (he’s just in poor health).
P.S. Sorry for my bad English - I started to learn it.

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I’m not sure I fully understand your question, but it’s usually more hassle than it’s worth.

Cheap but still decent routers with 4 or more ports can be had for <$50 / <30 euros. That would simplify things substantially.

The question is compactness, and not buying a new device the size of a regular router - this adapter works fine from the powerbank and can be worn on a bunch of keys.

Is this the device you’re referring to?

Unfortunately it isn’t supported as far as I can tell.. but I understand what your aiming to do now.. perhaps someone else may have suggestions on something similar that is supported on current openwrt releases.

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It's not support on ar9331 or in owrt?

I assumed so (no link on wiki page to download an image, and a tag “unsupported” down the bottom), but someone might be able to suggest an image for it.

no, i already have owrt and source code with patches - i want know about NETWORK setup in owrt. I already flash firmware and patched u-boot, just i very bad know about networks

If the USB only does client connections, you cannot.

I think i can make virtual adapter and in network config reassign "main" wlan0 to wlan0ap and other adapters (this picture is only test) what i need, but i don't know how make config or script which will setup this.

USB just for powering device - it doesn't work as (cdc) ethernet or mass storage, only for powering.