How long lede 17.01 will supported?

like security patchs? will there lede 17.01.5 release? as there is snapshot updates, I guess it's still supported. but how long?

17.01 is mostly dormant.

There has been some recent activity because there has been talk about a possible 17.01.5 maintenance release, but as 18.06 will get released soon, I am not sure if there really will be a 17.01.5

To a large extent, 17.01 will likely start to be unmaintained rather soon.

Do you have an older router were support was dropped? You really should consider updating to OpenWrt 18.06. Not only for using the OpenWrt name again, but there have been a ton of improvements since 2017. It's running great on my WRT32X so far, with some small caveats I hope continue to improve.

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