How is this big Open Source project managed? Can it do these several things?

How is this big Open Source project managed? Can it do these several things?

  1. I want Server side build service, where I can build for any device.

  2. I want correct minimalism and modularity, to not ship unused features onto the device, most devices only do minimal IPv4 functions that can fit in 1MB.

  3. I want client-side GUI not device-side GUI.

  4. I want loading function binaries over IP, into RAM. No need to store on device flash.

  5. I want modern CPU optimization technologies like AlphaDev did with the sorting algorithm and some games.

  6. I don't want a full system onto the device, I want to change the tightly optimized binaries on every configuration and feature change.

  7. I want to understand the project bottlenecks and why decisions have been made the way they have.

  8. Tight integration source code <-> WiKi/forums/docs for factual correctness and semantical hierarchy.

  9. Actually this will be easier, if the project has a "dedicated" (contextually) AI which can do most of this, isn't it?

  10. Help me understand how low-level developers who have a more intelligent view of the CPU systems, get motivated to do things, with the organization and hierarchy that produces this system, and why is it not more optimized? Because in the past, it was a big fame to do low level optimizations, and now? The software gets bloated. What are the code change statistics, that show, how the system is optimized compared to how the system is bloated with features?

  11. Thank you.

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Hey you get defensive? I am just accusing you of not doing it correctly. Why so defensive? Just answer the questions truthfully.

Even I can answer this
Sure back in the day, and I'm talking mid 1970's here, I was about 13 years old and the education department wanted to know if children that age could understand concepts such as Mnemonic assembly language and BASIC. They chose our school and a professor from the local uiversity came and explained how 8 bit machines worked and how to program using these two languages, one high level, the other low level. I understood it and excelled in it. I got a job in computers when I was 16 and that corp sent me to university, but by the time we reached 32 bit machines my programming days were over. These days programmers have the luxury of huge amounts of memory and storage capacity. It's like asking "why arent you guys still programming in a way my 8 bit machine understands and can deal with, and the answer is " Because we dont have to, grandpa"


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Another post did answer truthfully:

OK - this is possible on most OSes - not sure why this is a specific question.

As you'll read, this is [generally] a router project.

Not sure what this means, please clarify.

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Is this a layperson inquiry - or for a scholarly endeavor?

It seems that you're not aware most of the software here is not developed here. I surmise you're not familiar with the concept of community-based and Open Source software projects; or how those projects subsequently make use of that software available in the ecosystem.

In the early 80's-90's a really cool nun taught me BASIC. I then ended up coming back to teach at that school...


I think you may have answered your own question...


Got it - project is managed incorrectly. OK.

No more questions.

Because you asked (using a demanding tone, IMHO) a lot of questions, and each one requires a lot of time to answer.

Now is probably a good time to close this topic. @infr-automation, please feel free to visit other open source project forums instead of this one.