How is 21.02 on the R7800

coming from a WRT32X at home and need a router for a business, as many of you know the 32X really sucks with 21.02 right now (running 19.07 at home). I need to install this with as low of downtime as possible. so I was going to go with kong's 21.02 build. This router is basically gonna have a bunch of switches hooked up to it and NAS and Server to it transferring files constantly. my question is while this wont primarily be used for wireless how is the performance of the wireless and does OpenWRT have any known bugs for the 7800? basically this thing is gonna get thrown on top of a rack and is expected to barely need any reboot or maintenance. the only reason why I plan on using OpenWRT on it is for the SQM and the faster switching (does it have any hardware offloading?) any advice on settings would be appreciated

Not really. R7800 is pretty solid.

(also also WRT32X will get better with 21.02.2 as it will contain the fix for the sneaky upstream Linux wifi bug found this week. Master and 21.02 snapshots already have that fix)

sounds good! I also seen your build recommended as well, is there any particular difference between yours and kongs? cant wait for the 32x patch been wanting argon theme and better bandwidth/system monitoring support...and to not run really a old linux kernel with swconfig lol

I think that my build is currently a bit more near the default OpenWrt while tailored for R7800, while kong has more packages included in the firmware. He also also been testing the NSS hardware acceleration which may help with gigabit speeds at the ISP connection.

(Most of my own early modifications have already been incorporated into the official OpenWrt.)

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