How install samba on DIR-825 rev B1/B2?

I have two DIR-825 rev B routers , me need create one of two as NAS server , therefore me need install samba server or any other server to I can read USB HDD from Windows OS.

But all crashed of 8 MB flash memory of router.
Wwhat me do?
As add server in OpenWRT for second router?

Try ksmbd instead, it's a lot smaller than samba4.

This give me use HDD in NAS mode ? Me need NTFS , but HDD need in Router for share on LAN.

there's no such thing as HDD in NAS mode, but yes, it'll share the drive over your LAN.

Good ) I cheking this method)

As mount device for share?

What not correctly?

On russian :подключение-внешнего-накопителя-к-d-link-dir-825/
Please say , I can make one volume on HDD with size 20 MB in FS EXT3 and do so as in this link ? I want create 20 MB for ext3 for install samba and other plugins , and use remaining space for user data with FS NTFS , this possible ?

Yes, you can do that, but you'll need two partitions.
Samba isn't easier to set up, if that's your goal with the extra space.

The two left most fields are empty, in the 2nd photo.

Please post screen shots using the snipping tool or something, instead of blurry photos.

I understand you.
You can show example as and what need do in steps ?

should look something like this

I have not Hostname , also not active button path for select what need mount.
Write manualy as mnt/sda1 ?

selected is absent and not active

Path is the mount point from where the drive is shared by ksmbd.

The directory obviously have to exist, but will be empty until you actually mount the drive.

As be if me need at the root ?
Folders there are on disk ) but need at root.