How install rtl8812au driver on raspberry pi 3 with LEDE

Hi to all,
I know there are a topic in this forum but i don't know how i can install it on LEDE:

What i done:

  1. I downloaded
  2. i extract it and put it in /etc/package/kernel/rtl8812au
    Now i have Makefile
    My answer is: How do I install it?
    Someone can help me? Thanks a lot

you have to patch those drivers (or use the one from here to get it compiled) and it's not going to work via luci, please read rtl8812AU and/or rtl8814AU drivers

Thanks Cutepally for answer... i know that i need download this driver but how i can install?
I don't understand how i can install it!
My answer is:
I have a raspberry pi 3 with LEDE what procedure can I use to install these drivers??

you can't "install it" you have to build it into the firmware itself, it's a kernel driver. there's no way to "install it" unless it's build against the same kernel.. and as i said in my link, even when you do, it's not going to just start working.. you have to manually bring the card up with commands and manage it via command line. it will not work via the gui (only scanning for a network from the gui will work). it will start and crash within seconds if you try to bring the card up in any other way from the gui. if you want to use a wifi card with your pi3 on lede i'd suggest getting another one that's supported with atheros drivers or something, this driver can work but you have to know what you're doing and i don't have a guide wrote up for that. im sorry for that :frowning:

see how to build lede here:

see another card suggested here:

otherwise i'd personally suggest maybe a supported ALFA adapter.

anyways, for one last time.. using this driver even if you manage to get it compiled isn't going to be a "install it" type deal, to get it working you have to know how or learn and i doubt that many people are up to teaching someone how to do that when it's so much easier to buy a card that's supported. I'm sorry for this but by the sound of it you don't know what you're doing and that makes using this specifically discussed driver, rather difficult. :frowning:

Thanks Cutepally!
For example,i know how install rtl8812au driver on raspbian:

$ # install necessary software $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install bc git $ $ # download raspbian kernel sources, takes some minutes $ sudo wget "" -O /usr/bin/rpi-source $ sudo chmod 755 /usr/bin/rpi-source $ rpi-source $ $ # download the rtl8812au kernel driver and compile it, takes some minutes $ git clone "" $ cd rtl8812au $ sed -i 's/CONFIG_PLATFORM_I386_PC = y/CONFIG_PLATFORM_I386_PC = n/g' Makefile $ sed -i 's/CONFIG_PLATFORM_ARM_RPI = n/CONFIG_PLATFORM_ARM_RPI = y/g' Makefile $ make $ # copy the driver and use it $ sudo cp 8812au.ko /lib/modules/uname -r/kernel/drivers/net/wireless $ sudo depmod -a $ sudo modprobe 8812au $ $ # check wlan0 interface appeared $ ifconfig $ iwconfig

But i don't know how it work on LEDE and so I asked for help. you could help me with teamviewer If it isn't disturbed.
If I buy an alfa adapter, is it plug and play??
Which would you recommend because TL-WN722N Is poorly performing
I was thinking about this AWUS036AC or AWUS036EAC, they are good?

Thanks a lot

do you understand what i mean when i say LUCI won't be able to control any card under this rtl8812au driver? uses this realtek rtl8812au driver but they need to be patched to work on LEDE (the patches are here: but will NOT work via luci other than scanning for an AP. i don't have another way to say this and at this point i feel like im repeating myself :frowning: is the same, so no, they won't be "good" as i said "i'd suggest getting another one that's supported with atheros drivers" something like maybe? i couldn't tell you which device you want, finding the device is up to you i just suggest that it be an alfa card under atheros drivers instead of these crap realtek drivers.

teamviewer will not fix the issue of this driver not being compatible with luci. sure if i had the time and felt like it i could the module patched and loaded and even connected (assuming you wanted to use it in client mode, i dont know if AP mode is stable yet i haven't even had time to test that out to the extent i want yet) but it's not going to make it controllable via luci, and that's a very big deal.

Thanks cutepally
I'm sorry but I don't know how LEDE works!
What I would do is improve reception (wwan) and nothing else! There is a way to get that? Thanks

it's okay, im trying my best to explain. it's difficult to explain

LEDE works with easiest with a GUI called Luci (it's the webpage / Configuration Interface) and what Luci uses to bring these WiFi adapters up requires things this realtek driver does not give (atheros driver wifi adapters can work usually in most cases just fine because broadcom and atheros are the top two drivers for most things to do with LEDE from what i know; realtek is not one of the top ones especially not this specific driver), so to get the card up (after you do all the work to compile it and load it) you still can't bring the card up (even though the drivers are loaded) unless you pass commands directly to the card (command line, everytime, etc)

in short: you build the drivers into the firmware, you load the firmware, you load the kernel module, OK lede can see your card fine.. but when you try to enable client mode or ap mode the driver will crash

..unless, you bring it up with by yourself with udhcpc and wpa_supplicant .. it's too complicated .. nothing about it is "plug and go" or "install and go" the drivers need to be patched and built into the firmware, then you have to create scripts for your configuration. you can't just install an .ipk go into the gui (luci) and configure it like "normal" there is no "normal" with these drivers.. and i don't know how else to word this.. im running out of ways :frowning:

so: using this realtek driver = not a good way to go.
it's far easier to buy a wifi adapter that uses atheros drivers because those work easier.. they usually use or (AC) drivers

I know the gui LuCI, I know that atheros and broadcom are better (broadcom in raspberry does not work in ap) but i repeat that i have a Raspberry pi 3 with usb!
My question was much simpler, there was no reason to miss the words! My question can be answered with only yes or no:
If i buy an WIFI ADAPTER USB (Atheros, broadcom and any other) will work without too much trouble?
I do not think so at this point!

i understand you have pi 3 with a realtek usb..that was clear since you started posting :slight_smile:

ill answer it with yes or no but this isn't a yes or no question, in my opinion.
If i buy an WIFI ADAPTER USB (Atheros, broadcom and any other) will work without too much trouble? no.

but if you want my real answer and not limit me to yes or no: i'd assume most atheros usb adapters will work without any trouble, assuming they use ath9k or ath10k, so yes if it's that case. broadcom will most likely work as well.. i see no reason they wouldn't they are used in most routers along with atheros routers. "any other" most likely not, realtek for example, so no if it's this case.

still, it's better to be specific so here Atheros module:
kmod-ath9k-htc says: This module adds support for wireless adapters based on Atheros USB AR9271 and AR7010 family of chipsets.

the AWUS036NHA i suggested is a AR9271.
the other card suggested that you didn't like (TL-WN722N) is also a AR9271.

Broadcom module:
kmod-brcmfmac says: Kernel module for Broadcom IEEE802.11n USB Wireless cards

also there is MediaTek module:
kmod-mt7601u says: MT7601U-based USB dongles Wireless Driver

and a very experimental realtek module: (for some..)
kmod-rtl8xxxu says: This is an alternative driver for various Realtek RTL8XXX parts written to utilize the Linux mac80211 stack. The driver is known to work with a number of RTL8723AU, RL8188CU, RTL8188RU, RTL8191CU, and RTL8192CU devices This driver is under development and has a limited feature set. In particular it does not yet support 40MHz channels and power management. However it should have a smaller memory footprint than the vendor drivers and benetifs from the in kernel mac80211 stack. It can coexist with drivers from drivers/staging/rtl8723au, drivers/staging/rtl8192u, and drivers/net/wireless/rtlwifi, but you will need to control which module you wish to load. RTL8XXXU_UNTESTED is enabled This option enables detection of Realtek 8723/8188/8191/8192 WiFi USB devices which have not been tested directly by the driver author or reported to be working by third parties. Please report your results!

Hi, I bought awus036nha at the end! It works, but there aren't so many differences from the broadcom chipset stock! Now i want to buy a dongle with 5ghz, what would you recommend? Thanks

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