How Install "M" packages to rootfs.tar.gz

Hello all. I build firmware for MT7688 and I can't get all packages installed into SPI flash firmware, so I use external root on sd card. I marked some packages installed to sd card as "M" and builded-in into SPi fpash as "*". Also, I set config to generate rootfs.tag.gz archive. Could you help me to configure build process to get all packages marked as "M" to be installed in rootfs.tar.gz automatically?

By marking them as <*>

Yeah, good tip! But SPI flash size not enough to fit all packages, and copy all pakages to sd card and run opkg manually for lots of devices takes a lot of time.

Anything marked <*> will be installed in the image itself.. Anything marked {m} will be compiled as the .ipk and you install it via opkg.

What I ended up doing was setting CONFIG_ALL, letting it build ALL the packages as {m}, and then hosting the entire $BUILDROOT/bin/ tree on my github, so my device userbase can just use luCi to install them.

That way, you can make a "base" image and then add/remove whatever you need to