How install access point to OpenWRT ? [Newbie]

Hello People,

I recently setting up an openwrt on RPI4, everything seem well ! I want to enable an access point but with my little knowledges in linux administration it's just impossible to understand what i am doing ! I know nobody who can help me except maybe people on this forum ! So i need to understand some things:

  • how can i check if USB dongle wifi is detected
  • how can i check if Drivers wifi is available for openwrt
  • how can i check if driver is installed and work on wifi
  • how can i check if firmware is the right firmware for the right driver installed
  • It is possible to compile driver for openwrt

I'm test some linux projects to understand how administration work but every stuff of kernel - compilling build and firmware is just bull**** for me ! if Somebody have Youtube Playlist, some tutorial or another link to understand linux admin - openwrt admin i take it because now i'm losen


Get one of these, they're supported, and work well with openwrt.

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