How I do enter failsafe mode in my router which has openwrt software?

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 9.41.26 PM|690x349
How do I reset my router without reset buttons which contains openwrt software installed ?

You should ask your question over on the rooter forums since that is what is installed on your router (rooter is an derivative project based on OpenWrt, but sufficiently different as to have unique features and support).

EDIT: Check out this page for the failsafe mode information when using the official OpenWrt builds (this may or may not work with Rooter project builds).

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If you still can login to the router, just enter the command "firstboot" on the SSH console, and then reboot. That should clear settings and add-on packages, and revert the router to the defaults included in the firmware.

All the easy ways to enter failsafe mode require at least one button on the router. If you have no buttons, you may need to open the router and attach a serial cable.

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