How i can block 3G on HSDPA?

Hi support,
Is there a way to make the connection block on HSDPA ?
Since the network is working on 3G/UMTS and the ping is very high, when there is downloading data the connection switch over HSDPA and the ping is very low, so I need to have a very low ping.
Exist "HSPA Locker v1.3b by Job 3.14" that makes all this but on PC...
Is there a command on this wonderful firmware on setting in the section of 3G/4G ?

Thanks for your support...i wait your responce !!!


Researching the answer, I found you cross-posted in another forum... :open_mouth: and you've been looking for an answer nearly 6 years (the HSDPA and 3G/UMTS were clues to me this may be old):

You should simply need to discover the commands the program sends to the modem. Does your modem have a manual of commands (most modems use Rockwell/Zoom/Bell-like AT commands)?

Also, can you verify you're running official OpenWrt?

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This will be very specific to the modem being used. In general modems automatically prefer the highest standard available, as long as signal conditions allow it.

Also it's likely sometime soon, the ISP will take all 3G signals off the air and force you to switch to an LTE modem.


There is no real need to do anything. Once you will create the real load for the mobile network it will allocate you the necessary resources. You should not create the fake load, remember that there are other users nearby.

Hi mate,
I using OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 on TP-Link TL-MR3220 v2 with internet-key Huawei E353 :slight_smile:
The router works very well, only thing is keep the connection on HSDPA+, because when the network switch from HSDPA+ in 3G takes some time for the ping.

You can´t force the modem to just use HSDPA. The switch from non-HSDPA, Rel99, to HSDPA is triggered by the 3G network with timers and data buffers.
If you continuously sends ping with certain interval and packet size you, maybe, can keep the modem on HSDPA. The interval and size is dependent on your operators settings. If you know the time it takes today to get low pings, decrease that time a little and start play with the packet size.
But it will "eat" from your data bucket.

This version is very old and no longer supported.

This device is no longer supported.

(You're looking to pay a hefty cellular bill if/when someone hacks that old device...and it seems what you desire manipulates data to get the desired effect.)

That doesn't mean you're having real-life issues, just worried about pings.

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No worries my friends, thanks for support.
I was looking for only if there a mode for keep the connection active, the router with OpenWrt works very very very well :slight_smile:

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