How good is xiaomi routers (3,3G,Etc)?


Hi so I just moved into a studio apartment, free netflix and the ISP provided modem is not adequate tech news for my needs. So I was looking for an AC router, for around 5 devices or 10 if my friends are coming, and I was thinking to purchase xiaomi router. I Is the 3g or the 3 router worth the price? can you use Open VPN on them and how does it perform?Thanks!


We have already several topics regarding Xiaomi routers.
Please use the forum search to find them and get a first impression of how good or bad they are working.


Short answer, they're MIPS based so VPN performance wont be very good or overall performance (by todays standards) unless you can utilize hardware acceleration in terms of routing performance. I would highly recommend you to look at ARM based solutions like Linux WRT1*/3200X/WRT32X, Turris MOX, Espressobin board or possibly QCA IPQ4/8 but beware that hardware support isn't as good as for Marvell based solutions.