How fast openwrt can help me, make my router faster

cant upload images(limited) so i write em all

DL 6.35 UL 0.8 latency 62 jitter 10.2
overall C buffer bloat F quality A+ (4G and DSL test same result)

ingame ping datacenter 35-67
ingame ping playing 50-75 avg 60

fusion speedtest
DL 8.2 UL 0.8 latency 201 jitter 7

this moment i think im going to upgrade my old router

im using Huawei E5172s-920 (4G) plus cat8 cable ,
4G LTE-TDD 2600/2300MHz
2G GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz

how fast openwrt can make it faster , by also change my router (recommend please i`m using sim card 4G).
i need to reduce latency , bufferbloat , jitter.

thanks 1000 thanks

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I dont think openwrt supports sim card but it might! Also you could use dropbox to upload images. Exactly openwrt allows to overide such speed limits of the router like an overclock and SSH to its command line. You are welcome <<<big picture


i still wondering , predicting , all possible lower latency , bufferbloat , jitter
anyone with theorically done with openwrt , i would like to listen

E5172 4G sim card, 2300Mhz

you can answering my question like example
this jitter could be 0.5 , so itsupposed to be (35-50)+0.5 ....etc

ask something if you need more information

That device does not seem to be supported by OpenWrt. In any case, nobody can predict what speeds you are going to obtain with a device, there are multiple factors involved.


I agree, with 4G and a smartphone the download speed can around here be anything between 0 and 20+ Mbit/s over the day.
And how many 4G “reception dots” do you have in a phone at that location that time?

reupload image

31/2 and 10/2 isn’t bad numbers for the technology DSL and 4G.

Are you in Arizona or Singapore or Japan? 203ms ping time. Well even the light at 300000km/s takes 3seconds to travel to the moon and back.

If this test are suppost to be meningsfull for the ping time/latency and jitter you should try to find a test server in your country.

i from indonesia ( second world inet speed :slight_smile: )

yes we neeed to predict

Predict what exactly?
From Indonesia you have about 20000km bird way to the USA. Internet way I don’t know how long way it is and if there is even a opto fiber laid under the Pacific ocean?
But it won’t be that much longer for a opto fiber run over asia and Europe and the Atlantic to Arizona, maybe about 30000km or so.
But no matter what, if you ping USA from Indonesia it will take a lot of time, and have a lot of jitter, that I can guarantee you.

The only real internet speed you can do anything about with your router and firmware is the connection between you and the closest 4G mast or DSL hub. Beyond that the speed are up to the infrastructure in the countries you are surfing through.

So doing measurements to Japan, USA and Singapore doesn’t say anything more than the geographic distance. But of those three choice Singapore is closest so if you don’t find any server closer than Singapore then it is good enough.

I don’t believe you will see any significant speed change with 4G and or DSL just by changing firmware other than the normal speed change for 4G as the net load varies over the day and night. But that can be actual big variations so you must measure a lot of times to the same server over the day to get the actual mean value of your connection speed.

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