How far does OpenWRT stretch


I am looking somewhat forward and looking toward a high speed router followed by a managed switch.
Have found a group of managed switches where they work from an ONIE (open network switches) base.

Is OpenWRT running on such a base a 'proper' use for open-wrt?

(I'm definitely NO networking expert but know that I want my stuff running on open source software so that it can be maintained. Am trying to find the software to put on a managed switch to 'make things work'.)


It's a router software, I'd hope that it would work for you use case...I use 4-port routers running OpenWrt as 5-port managed switches all the time.

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The management firmware and the running OS may be two, entirely different things. Most enterprise-grade, managed switches that I know of handle the switching in dedicated ASICs, not with an SoC that has a general-purpose CPU. They often have a minimal co-processor for management (SSH, GUI, firmware management, ...), but you'd need to know what the switch fabric is made up of, and be very lucky (in my opinion) that there is an open-source driver for the switch fabric (as well as the co-processor).