How does wireguard work on the Xiaomi Mi AIoT AX3600 with OpenWrt?

I see wireguard is not supported out of the box, but i wonder how well it works when OpenWRT is installed on it.
Does anyone have experience with this?

Wireguard needs to be installed since it isn't included in OpenWrt by default... but the installation is simple.

Wireguard works quite well on most platforms... it is much more efficient and thus far more performant than most older VPN protocols. Are you looking for specific bandwidth numbers on that Xiaomi device? You could try it yourself... it's very easy to confgure.

I dont have the router yet, but considering purchasing it, that's why i'm wondering. I see on the openWRT installation page/wiki that some hardware acceleration is not working, so im curious what the speed/performance of wireguard is.

Furthermore curious if the amount of devices it supports and the ease to make a mesh network, changes.
(not such CLI expert(with exception of following tutorials), rather work with GUI's)

How high are your WAN speeds that you are worried about hardware acceleration for WireGuard?

300mbit down, and will upgrade to 400mbit down in half a year.

Nothing to say against the ax3600 (I have one myself), but Dynalink DL-WRX36 Askey RT5010W IPQ8072A OpenWrt support gives you better specs for less money.

Not available in the EU..

At least Jeff Bezos' German book store subsidiary has it, last I checked that was EU. Again, nothing against the Xiaomi ax3600, the Dynalink is just better (same SOC family, so you can compare the specifications 1:1).

When googling for the dl-wrx36 its only available in the US, but i found it when searching for ax3600. Looks like a great product, i think im gonna get one, thanks!

You can still order from Amazon UK/US to the EU. Shipping & Import fees will be calculated.

To my country for example, AmazonGlobal Shipping $19.83

Do you know how to get Wireguard tunnel through just one of the LAN ports? I'm looking for a router with good specs like this but with feature like VPN Fusion has for Asus. I don't want all traffic routed through Wireguard. Just one of the device that's hooked up on LAN#1.

I am tempted to buy this router if that can be achieved because it has Wireguard support through OpenWRT.

Take a look at Policy Based Routing. You'll likely handle this by IP address, rather than the physical port.

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