How does router and wifi devices appear for ISP and how 2 change it

Hello @ll,

I am searching for a solution to let the router appear like a android/smartphone for the ISP?

Is this possible? Or how does it appear to the ISP? Is the router important or the device connected to it? Or both?

More about:

Have a LTE+Phone contract which allows tethering (dont have other options for phone + internet than this) but it doesnt guarantee the tethering (speed can be reduced to zero using tethering). Always I tether after a while suddenly zero speed. Stop tethering and the phone has full speed again.

Now I want to buy a lte router (GI-iNet) which has open wrt (sadly their forum is down) and would 1. Use a vpn- and if necessary and possible:
2. Let it work in a way the ISP doesn't recognise it as something like tethering.

If the devices connected to the router are the main issue and not the router itself, I could connect my phone with wifi to the router and use the phone usb tethering with my pc with pdanet for example.

You might ask: If I can tether using PdaNet, why a router and not connect directly with the phone to the internet?!

Well, because I don't want all this radiaton from my phone connecting to the LTE, 3g - whether its the phone itself or the PC connected to it!

A LTE router can be placed in the other side of the room or elswhere in the house and I only have the receiving wifi beside me.

I hope someone can explain it a bit for a noob like me- perhaps VPN is enough?

Router, phone/pc, what is important in this scenario?

All the best

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No one has an idea?