How does "auto" channel work?

Does it work only when you turn the device on?
It scans the radio then chooses a "less noisy" channel.

So when the router is turned on 24/7 it won't change channel even if the channel it chooses suddenly becomes noisy?

Yep, see: Wi-Fi channel auto-selection

Unless you configure wifi reload on schedule.

wifi reload basically this is just an automated (clicking restart on wireless)?

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is there a way to do a schedule of wifi reload?

I have multiple ap schedule to reboot at 4:30am.

and if i set them all to auto they use the same channel. LOL

i cant schedule diff reboot times as most of these are meshed.

rebooting at different time will just prolong the downtime of the mesh network.

See the second link in the post above.

If the default ACS algorithm does't work well, you can try another one.