How does a Mesh network work with multiple versions of Wifi

I have a Netgear r7800 (nighthawk) router and i'm contemplating getting a wifi 6 accesspoint to extend the network (i also have a ex6120 but i fail to understand why they made this item the way they did).

in any case, i was interested in using a mesh network. I'm however a bit confused on how this will work with multiple versions of Wifi (r7800 is wifi 5, vs the new wifi 6 accesspoint).

It will all be connected with a wired backhaul, but my question is, do all devices need to be the same wifi version? will it automatically select the lowest common denominator (i.e. wifi 5).

It is not documented at all how this would work.

That is not a problem, but they all need to run OpenWrt (unless you really know what you're doing).

Then you don't need a 'mesh' at all, just (multiple-) dumb-APs (see the wiki).


Not quite, wifi6 devices in range of your wifi6-dumb-AP with a wired backhaul can use all wifi6 features

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802.11r FTW.

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Ok, i was under the impression that a mesh network would have automatic handover

So actually i'm looking for roaming capabilities. Does this have any impact with different wifi versions?

(e.g. wifi 5 router but wifi 6 accesspoint for the garden and have automatic handover across wifi network?)

p.s.I Might actually use mesh to wirelessly connect a netgear extender... since it has 1200mbit wireless bandwith, but only a 100mbit wired connection, but this is not the core of my question though.