How do you edit?

WRT1900AC running Lede
On the routers stock FW it was a simple case of untick filter multicast.
Can't find that in Lede but sure it can be done.

Average user here so hoping it's not too involved.....


LEDE is a Linux operating system for people who want to install high-performance, easily-configured,

easily configured?
stock FW it's just a tickbox,it's not like multicast is a niche thing.
does no-one know how to do it?

the stuff I have read so far is like 3/4 yrs old and a bit involved,like knowing how to use console etc but it does not tell you what or where the console is :confused:

if it's extremely simple with stock FW,a tick box,why is it so convoluted with openwrt/lede?

Everything you've read is contributed by volunteers. You're welcome to improve pretty much any page on the LEDE web-site (except the start page).

trying to follow 2 guides on how to allow multicast.

I don't understand when it says edit /etc/config/igmpproxy and various other 'edits' and a console?
none of the guides tell you how to do this?

what where how?????

You yourself has quoted a line saying LEDE is Linux-based. I bet that if you google "how to edit files on Linux" you'll find plenty of information. Coincidentally there's a nice free course on Linux currently running on EdX which has started about a week ago.

OpenWrt/LEDE wiki does (as it should) contain information specific to OpenWrt/LEDE. It does not contain information on how to connect to Linux command line from various desktop operating systems nor how to do basic things in Linux -- there are better sources of information for that.

It's like a car -- it can easily take your anywhere you want to go and transport various things with you, but you have to invest time to learn how to drive and usually car manuals do not contain rules of the road.

Thanks for the help but that wasn't really helpfull.
I believe most of the 'editing' is done within Lede whilst in the gui of it's router pages?

if you know that its a linux based OS - why not look up how to edit in linux.

  • the link you posted has nothing to do with a GUI....

this is an incorrect belief

I want to give you a few pointers:

  1. To edit a file on your router, you need to login via ssh. On the computer you use, you need a ssh client to do so (on windows one might be called "putty"). Username for your lede router is "root", password is the password you chose before.

  2. Once logged in your router, you can use an editor to edit a file. An easy to use editor is nano. Do something like "nano /etc/config/igmpproxy".

If you are a windows user download the tool WinSCP. It should cover both your command line (putty) and editing needs (nano\vi) in a easy to use graphical tool with a built in FTP tool (to back up individual config files).

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thanks MagicSimi and RangerZ for your help and pointers.
komawoyo you need to brush up on your people skillz

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