How do you add custom repos for opkg?

I'm trying or atleast was trying to update the adblock package to the 2.6 version from the snapshot repo. I added the repos i thought were required into the custom section except it did not connect for me. I think it was a wget 4 error.
I am on the latest 17.0.1 rlease branch and the most up to date package is 2.4..x.x.

Would someone be willing to give me a pointer or something?

So I have added the lines for,
and I get a wget returned 5 error.
What's the cause?
I'm just looking to get the latest adblock package installed.

What happens if you execute the following command on the command line?

opkg update
opkg install luci-app-adblock

src/gz reboot_core
src/gz reboot_base
src/gz reboot_luci
src/gz reboot_packages
src/gz reboot_routing
src/gz reboot_telephony

These are the initial software / configuration entries.

I added these.

src/gz base
src/gz luci
src/gz packages
src/gz routing
src/gz telephony
=wget returned 5 error
When I ssh into the router and run opkg update the distribution feeds all check out.
And I do have adblock installed. Except it is the adblock 2.0.4 I think.
Looking at the adblock thread it is already up to some 2.6 version or something and by looking at the latter feeds that's where the updated version is located.

wget error 5 means SSL error. Just like the wget manual says:

Likely you have not installed SSL certificates (ca-certificates package) although you try to use HTTPS links for downloading. Normally packages are downloaded from the repo with HTTP. If you really want to use HTTPS, please install all needed packages.

Secondly, it is usually not a good idea to try using master packages in an older release branch firmware. Likely they will not work. "adblock" should work as it is pure scripts, but generally is is a bad idea to add release repos to your opkg. (Release builds use different kernel versions, possibly also a different musl version, so very likely the packages will not work and may even brick your router.)

Thirdly, it would be much easier to just download the single adblock package .ipk file with wget to the router, and manually install it with opkg. (or download it to your PC, transfer with scp to router, and then use opkg to install the .ipk)

Finally, I have just backported adblock 2.6.2 to the 17.01 and the buildbot is currently crunching it. You can install it (and the updated LuCI app) soon from the normal 17.01 repo after buildbot has got the updated package built.

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