How do we specify cron to be enabled in imagebuilder?

What is the process to have cron enabled and started by default when building an image? Or asked differently, which files do we modify to enable cron by default?

I know we can modify files as such the crontab can be configured by using FILES with ImageBuilder (

Thank you!

semi-guess, but I think that you only need a valid crontab file in /etc/crontabs/

(The service itself is installed by default and starts a boot, but if there is no crontab file, the service startup cancels.)

I think it's package/utils/busybox/files/cron that checks if there are any files in /etc/crontabs/ and exits if not. If so, then you either have to put an empty file in that directory, or remove the line that checks and exits if there isn't.

@Per @hnyman Thanks I'll check it out; I looked at the cron docs here ( so wasn't sure. Thanks!!

That file is /etc/init.d/cron init script in a live router (and in the final firmware image)...