How do I use only one port as switch (router behind a router)?

I have an openwrt router behind a ONT that has router functionality and only one LAN port. The OpenWRT router is connected to the ONT (so a router behind a router) and, of course, all my devices are connected into the OpenWRT router. I need to use a port as switch or something similar so that I can access my PC from the internet via Remote Desktop Connection.
Is this doable or am I better to just buy a no management switch and connect everything in it ?
(I can't configure the first router as Bridge connection and use the OpenWRT router as primary, default).

The easiest solution is to switch off the DHCP server on the LAN interface of the OpenWrt router, assign an IP address in the range of the ONT router and connect your devices in the LAN ports of the OpenWrt. It will work without other modifications.
If you want to use the WAN port of OpenWrt router for LAN as well, you'll need to do some more modifications.


Setup your OpenWrt router as dumb AP or you will need to configure port forwarding twice.
See Port forwarding and DDNS


I've managed to fix things with both solutions. Thank you guys.

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