How do I setup the sstp-client package?

How do I setup the sstp-client package?

This ticket on sourceforge doesn't explain how to use it.
It only discusses how to fix the ticketer's starting it,
and I can't figure out how to set it up from that.

This archived forum post doesn't list any replies.
And I can't tell what the correct way to set it up is from that.

And it's entry in OpenWRT's package database has zero documentation.

Set via uci like pptp client but set proto sstp

That would require knowing how to set it up.
Which I wouldn't be asking this if I knew.

config 'interface' 'vpn'
        option 'proto' 'sstp'
        option 'server' 'ZZZ'
        option 'username' 'XXX'
        option 'password' 'YYY'

In /etc/config/network, and

config zone
        option name vpn
        option input REJECT
        option output ACCEPT
        option forward REJECT
        option masq 1

config forwarding
        option src lan
        option dest vpn

config forwarding
        option src vpn
        option dest lan

In /etc/config/firewall.

what do I need to install to get the luci-proto package for sstp?
logs say something along the lines of "protocol unknown," and telling me I need to install luci-proto to get the protocol.
And there is luci-proto-sstp package.
Edit: And do I need to remove any of the default settings entries for those two configuration files?

okay. I guess I'm going to have to wait and pray that later down the line I either get a reply,
or find/get something else that'll get it done.

And how do I use that?
Because it clearly failed if installing sstp-client through opkg was supposed to add the protocol.

Upgrade to the upcoming release:

Or try to install the protocol manually:

Damn it!
I should have manually installed the protocol instead of upgrading to 21.02.
Where do I need to report the fact that opkg in 21.02 rc3 isn't honoring the http_proxy option in its config?
So far that seems to be the only thing broken about it... as far as I can tell.

Updated the wiki:

By the way, OpenVPN should also support HTTP proxy:

I don't know how to write an OpenVPN config file to make use of its --http-proxy option.
And OpenWRT's luci control panel doesn't have it as an option for the protocol.
Or does OpenVPN save cli arguments to/as a config file?

# /etc/openvpn/client.ovpn
http-proxy 8080

The VPN server should probably listen on 443/TCP to maximize your chances of success.

how do I define a "dummy" tun/tap device?

what vpn?
I'm connecting to a proxy, not a vpn.

You should state your questions more clearly and explain everything you want to achieve in detail.
Otherwise it's problematic to follow and difficult to guess what exactly you mean.


SSTP is also a VPN protocol.
OpenVPN can work through a proxy.

I got it going the way I want thanks to this Shadowsocks recipes page + running a shadowsocks server on my phone.
They're posted as text link because the Shadowsocks recipes' embed turned out a big and annoying wall-o-text.

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