How do I properly enable Multicast Forwarding/IGMP Snooping?

I was hoping for some assistance in properly enabling multicast forwarding/igmp snooping.

I have two routers in my network (primary and a mesh AP), and we use Chromecasts, which are dependent on multicast forwarding/igmp snooping to work properly.

On the "Dumb AP" configuration page, it says all I need to do is add a line to etc/rc.local--see here:

However, that line reads "0", and in other sources, I've seen people indicate it actually needs to be "1".

  1. Is this all I need to do to enable multicast support, or do I need to add other lines to other stanzas?
  2. Should this be "0" or "1"?
  3. Does this need to be enabled on all routers, or only on Access Points?

Thanks for any help you can offer in clarifying.

Hi Shidell did you ever got an answer to this as i am interested as well?

See "Multicast Forwarding" at the bottom of this page: