How do i migrate to starlink internet from my existing isp

Good day all,
i am a newbie to openwrt and linux.
i inherited a complicated network infastructure from an experience linux administrator.
his configuration is quite complex and i am still trying to figure out most of them.
my challenge is this. i want to migrate from my current isp to starlink residential.
starlink does not offer public ip.
so how would i change my configure to be able to use the starlink via dhcp.
my configuration has 2 routers. one for my lan and the other for the wan.
i have multiple interfaces on the lan router to different network, all inter lan routing is done via the lan router, traffic to the internet from any of the internal lan goes through the wan.
there is a nat on the wan router.
would i need to remove the nat since the starlink is already natted.
what needs to change in my config. how do i implement routing and dns as well as port forwarding my asterisk server, remote access to my wan router?
any help will be highly appreciated

This works by default.

But if you were to do this, it would stop working (unless the Starlink device can take Static Route configs).

(If you use a switch instead of a router, then all devices get their IP via DHCP from Starlink device - and no 2nd NAT is needed.)

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