How do I meet my requirements?

Hello everyone,

I recently bought a Netgear R7800 and would like to use it in conjunction with LEDE.

I have several requirements I would like to solve with this router and I wonder which software I need to use for each requirement. I already used Linux systems, but I am not an expert. Therefore documentation or concrete tutorials for meeting my requirements would me help a lot.

So if you have ideas how to solve the problems below, please let me know (for example by providing helpful links):

  1. Connect to internet via external modem.
  2. VoIP
  3. DHCP
  4. DNS (I would like to redirect certain hosts like to a local server)
  5. Permanent usage of a VPN provider (NordVPN). All local network devices should access the internet via this VPN.
  6. Reverse proxy (nginx) which is used as a facade to all local webservers which are hosted by different internal servers.
  7. Guest WiFi

I guess that's it for the moment. Thanks for your help!

Kind regards

  1. If you mean a dial-up modem, it's certainly possible
  2. QoS and VoIP software are available
  3. Most routers do DHCP, LEDE is no different
  4. You mean DDNS, yes it can do it, and there are packages/scripts available
  5. Not familiar with NordVPN, but Swan, OpenVPN and Wireguard are know to be in use
  6. Nginx is available for install
  7. See: Creating separate network interface for Wi-Fi

You may wish to do a web search on these topics, there's a lot of information available.

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Thanks for answering. Concerning 2. Do I need something like Asterisk?

I think you need to be more specific. What do you mean by VoIP?

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I want to replace my Fritzbox 7390 with a Netgear R7800. The connection to my ISP is stablished via an external modem. My ISP offers internet access and telephony. In my Fritzbox I can see that a VLAN and PVC is activated. I wonder how to migrate this information to LEDE.

While it should be possible to run the pbx software on your r7800 (e.g. asterisk, which is not trivial to configure), the r7800 can neither provide FXS ports nor DECT - so the only phones you could connect without additional hardware (like a VoIP ATA inbetween) would be IP phones.

Ok, that's a very helpful information! Thanks!

Is it possible to "host" an answering machine on my router and the ip phones notify me with a led, if there are new messages?

Answering machine, yes - LED notification, perhaps (depends on configuration and all involved devices)