How do I increase the priority of LuCi in OpenWrt

Decades ago when we used unix based systems we used a tty terminal which had a keyboard and paper, about as basic an interface as you could get, although there were many tty units, tty(0) had a priority over all other processes (or almost all), the reason being to gain access to the system and not get locked out by run away processes or something akin to DDOS.

I am using a 13 station mesh based on batman.
I have an issue that if I have a streaming connection in one of those units, LucI becomes so unresponsive that in many cases it just times out, I can still ping the unit, but LuCi will not function, I presume because the web server is if such low priority that it takes a backseat to moving the packets.

This can be as low a traffic condition as hulu moving the lowest quality stream to one roku tv. In that case, I can no longer rely on the LucI interface to simply logon and see the status screen

Is there a way that I can increase the priority of my tty LuCi so it does not get moved so far down the process chain that it is of no use as an interface ?


since Luci is a packet of stuff, do i need to put Qos or something on all these batman extenders and give luci a higher qos than everything else ?

I have no idea what i am talking about lol but it sounds good

Nice and renice