How do I get rid of "We’re sorry, but new users are temporarily limited to 3 replies in the same topic."?


I'm all for spam protection, but this isn't terribly helpful for me. Thanks.


Read two or three more topics (open them and skim through) - this should get rid of the new user state.


@jow thanks!!!!!


I think the bot should give you some cred for the patches you've submitted to FOSS...


And the bot in the forum software would know that contribution automatically from somewhere???


@daniel-santos It helps if you edit your last reply instead of piling up your replies one onto another. That's forum etiquette. As long as no-one has responded to your post, you should (within a reasonable timeframe, say < 24h) edit the same post rather than replying to yourself. I suppose that's the reasoning behind Discourse limiting new user replies (that, and probably some spam prevention too).

Monologues get tedious pretty quickly, trust me.