How do I get OpenWrt to use a proxy?

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  • Calm down - at worse, you make a backup config first, and you can safely reset and restore what you had before
  • What you need to do thus far won't risk bricking

If it's possible, yes it would.

@trendy - any ideas?

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There is no such thing as universal proxy. Every protocol has its own proxy. For example an http proxy, say squid, will not be able to pass ssh. So there is no OS level proxy, or what you see in some cases in network settings of the OS is merely a global setting for http/s and in certain cases ftp.

Okay, not literally "everything."
Just all of the stuff/protocols that Windows 10's and android's proxy settings can route through the proxy.

SSTP VPN would be a lot better.
But I asked that, and never got a response of how to do it.
I know to use the sstp-client package.
But getting it to route traffic with it is the issue on doing this with vpn.

I tried doing it with an OpenVPN client on OpenWRT,
adding a free OpenVPN server to connect to,
and setting the proxy from the app as the proxy to the free OpenVPN server.
And it didn't route/do anything through the proxy to it..

I have run OpenVPN over a ShadowSocks Proxy -- it's not efficient at all, but it does work. In my case it is two OpenWrt routers connecting to each other in a road-warrior type setup. The ShadowSocks connection is established first and then OpenVPN connects through that. If is almost a port-forwarding type of approach where OpenVPN has a unique port that is accepted by the Shadosocks proxy, and is really just a transport port. Both OpenVPN and Shadowsocks terminate on the same routers, so I don't know if it would be possible to terminate the VPN tunnel on a different endpoint (so basically ShadowSocks + VPN on travel router > Shadosocks on home router > VPN service/endpoint).

A lot of this would also depend on what socks/proxy options you have for your phone and if there is an equivalent protocol on OpenWrt.

http/https proxy
socks5 proxy,
shadowsocks service,
and a tcp relay are my options for the proxy of that.
only the one openwrt compatible router though.
and the one non-openwrt is a repeater.

No options for a vpn server on my phone outside of the SecureTether hotspot app.
Who's sstp vpn server I was referring to when mentioning an sstp vpn.

This next app is the only option I have for a shadowsocks server on my phone.

how do I setup redsocks as a transparent proxy client on openwrt?

Indeed, having a setup menu to simply put a proxy and then route some of the traffic can be quite handy. Instead of setup into the pc or browser.. it will be direct in owrt. Any plan ?

There is no 'a proxy'. See trendy's response above.

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Install Passwall2. Add a socks node. Profit!