How do i get DOH/DOT to works on repeater mode

Hey Guys,
I really am not a network pro, so i really need to ask how

My Device is Netgear EX3700, i configured my device with this method
Wi-Fi extender / repeater / bridge configuration
and i wanna using the DOH/DOT with my openwrt how do i set it ? i've tried googling but no one ever asked this as far as i'm looking.

so please help me :blush:

In typical repeater configuration all router functionality, including DNS, is handled by the main router instead of the repeater. So, you should config doh/dot in your main router and let the repeater and clients connected to it to just use that.

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The problem is my main router is not an Openwrt, and the DNS setting under DHCP can't be filled, more so even if it can be filled my ISP is using Transparent DNS, so it won't let me using custom DNS.
Do you know maybe how to make my openwrt device so it have its own DHCP Server ?

Best to fix this problem :wink:


If you can't set custom DNS server(s) in the DHCP config of the primary router, try switching it off, and set up a DHCP on the EX.

If that doesn't work, you could always hardcode the DNS in the clients.

Most browsers will use DoH out of the box nowadays. In FF and Chrome you manually have to switch it off.