How do I find out what bandwidth my router can shape using sqm?

Hello there,

Just installed an OpenWrt snapshot on a Netgear R6850 and so far (as far as I can tell) it's running great. At least I didn't witness any instances of the router just locking up or rebooting.

I would like to test (or know) if there is any way to tell how much traffic my router would be able to shape using sqm. Currently I'm just on a 70/7 cable plan which the router seems to be able to handle without a problem. When I run the speed test it still reaches the set limits, so I assume that's all good.

Would applying sqm to a local Gbit network interface and running iperf3 result in a good estimate of the max bandwidth?

Thanks for your help!

Different device, but same CPU and clock frequency:

If you have a second router, you could turn on sqm, plug the WAN port into the second router and do some data pulls from a local file share, and then again with sqm off (make sure the subnets are different).

it would be "best case scenario" testing, and give you real bandwidth results. You could also run a few ookla speed tests in this configuration.