How do I create AP which Encryption is WEP Open System in 21.02

On LuCI openwrt-21.02,the encryption list of wireless security does not contain WEP, how do I create it?

You can't.

WEP support has been dropped for 21.02.x and up, as it's severely insecure. Enabling it is only possible on the source level.

Thanks, so please do you know how to enable it at the source level, or is there a link to that?

       bool "Enable support for unsecure and obsolete WEP"
         Wired equivalent privacy (WEP) is an obsolete cryptographic data
         confidentiality algorithm that is not considered secure. It should not be used
         for anything anymore. The functionality needed to use WEP is available in the
         current hostapd release under this optional build parameter and completely
         removed in a future release.
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Thanks again for your reply, it helped me solve it

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