How do I create a vlan while using relayd? For tor

I believe images do better than words, so below is an image that explains what I am trying to do

I'll still explain. My openwrt router was installed in order to provide signal in places where there is lower signals, people other than me are going to connect to this router. My openwrt router is configured to connect to the wifi of my main router (which has stock firmware), this was done with a relayd bridge, by following this tutorial

I wanted to install tor on this router, the only problem is that I don't want everyone who connects to this router to be using tor. It has slower speeds, some websites block it, and it could give issues when trying to use your bank account. Because of this I want to create a separate subnet/vlan so I can have an SSID just for tor.

The purpose of showing my old setup, is to show that being on a separate subnet was something my old setup was able to do. Meaning it should be possible on my current setup, unless being wireless or using relayd means it isn't possible (those are the only two differences between my old setup and my current setup)

How can I achieve this? I am using an Archer C1750 v2 (Archer C7 v2) in case you need to know. Is this something I need to configure on my main router, instead of openwrt?

I would not mind if my setup looks like this too, either one works

I'd say that using relayd is a bad idea for anything other than a totally dumb AP.
That setup/protocol itself relies on a high priority routing rule overriding the main table.
So, it may not be compatible with other PBR solutions and routing methods.

does that mean that frollic's suggestion won't work? I am gonna try it, unless you say it won't

As far as I know, relayd is the only way I have to provide wifi signal across the entire building. Since using a wired connection between both routers would be a lot more difficult, and I need the extended wifi signal

I was looking into how to do this, and it just seems very difficult to understand, especially since I am not familiar with openwrt at all. I am going to look into this again later. Below are the only links I found that may be relevant. (I should emphasize that I don't want everyone connecting to this router or at least this SSID to use tor, it is actually just for me, like 1 or 2 devices)

Hey I just want to update. I appreciate the help. I decided to set up my openwrt device as a router, after I understood what a bridge is and realized I didn't need it (previously I thought a bridge was what allowed to connect to a wifi network and create a hotspot). I'll follow the same instructions everyone follows for setting up tor now.
Usually when trying new things, I get overwhelmed easily and lack a lot of confidence, so I blindly followed a tutorial on youtube.

I'll close this post if I can, I'll make another post if I need help with anything else. Not sure if I can mark anything as a solution since I didn't try any of this and can't confirm if they work

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