How do I convert .bin to .img

Hi I have found the correct update for my N600 router,
It is in .bin format ive searched the internet and i keep getting these burning programs none of which convert my file. I downloaded blindwrite that failed to launch I tried on line conversion that just sat there spinning its wheels.
im a bit of a newbie so if you can help be very much appreciated.

We don't know what exact device you have and what update file you have found. Do not use other sources then OpenWrt (if you don't know anything about)!

Given you have the correct file a sysupgrade file can be used directly within OpenWrt (without renameing or converting).

For a factory image it can be the case this does matter. But then the by OpenWrt provided file/image is usually taking care of this and has the proper extension/format.

In general:

This are not the tools for converting bin to img format. These tools are meant for CD/DVD images only.

As far as I know there is no difference between an img or bin file for OpenWrt. You can just rename it into .img

If you have similar issue like:

Then convert your file into trx format (if necessary).

Hi thanks for your reply.
Yes im sure i have the right compilation for my router.
Ill give it a go change the file extension.
Thanks again :slight_smile: