How do I connect to my Rasberry PI on Ubuntu Gnome3?

Hi everyone,

How do I connect to the Rasberry PI on Gnome3 or cli? The guide mentions ssh into but I need to do the connect to the device before attempting to ssh or telnet.

In Gnome3, I created an Ethernet connection with address, netmask, and gateway set to, 255,255,255,0 and

Traceroute seems to ping back to my computer

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets

 1  <name-of-my-computer> (  3068.125 ms !H  3068.102 ms !H  3068.095 ms !H

I tried the ip command and same result

ip addr add dev eth0

How do I connect to the router? As you may know, I know next to nothing.

It is not necessary to assign static IP on the PC. Upon booting, OpenWrt in Raspberry will offer settings from dhcp.
I pressume that you have connected the devices by cable and the leds on the ethernet ports are blinking joyfully?

No to the last question. If I set a default profile in gnome such that DHCP = auto, nothing happens.

If you haven't connected the device, how do you expect to reach the RPi? Perhaps I am missing something...

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Exactly, I cannot reach the device. The Ethernet cable is physically plugged from my laptop into the raspberry pi, but the device is not connected automatically. The raspberry pi ports do not light up.

Is the cable working with other devices? If you connect the RPi with that cable on a switch or router do the leds start blinking?

Nope, the ethernet LED blinks on the switch but not on my laptop

And if you connect the RPi with the switch?

Yea, the device lights up when I connect to a switch but I tried logging into my router and connecting to my pi and it didnt work.

I will try another computer and see if it lights up tonight automatically. Do anyone knows the commands to manually connect to it? I do not have any networking experience so I am unfamiliar with the tools

Do not connect the Pi into your home network yet. Connect directly to the PC or through a switch that has nothing else plugged into it. Go to the Network Manager and set IPv4 to automatic the PI should send a DHCP IP in the 192.168.1.x range and the PI at will be the gateway.

Is it possibly a cross-over cable that neither of the devices is able to detect?

I have to google that my cables seem straight. The color are the same arrangement on both ends

@mk24,Ok, I will try to connect an empty switch. I already tried connecting directly into my device

Screenshot from 2020-04-01 13-52-34

It seems like there is something wrong with my e5430 latitude's Ethernet port. I tried a different computer and I could login.

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