How do I configure uHTTPd to serve local web pages?

I'd like to make a few very simple static pages available directly from my OpenWrt BTHH5a. My aim is for a lan side users to be able to go to a url (for example: is-it-raining.local) and see a static web page. To be clear, I'm not aiming to serve web pages over the internet, just on the lan side. What is the simplest solution? Thanks.

The simplest solution would be just dropping your files into /www - this is the default document root of the server.

If you would like to serve another index page (not the one redirecting to LuCI) you can either replace /www/index.html or add option index_page myindex.html to /etc/config/uhttpd, then add /www/myindex.html.

Note that browsers aggressively cache the default index page, so if you still see a LuCI redirect even after replacing index.html, try clearing your browser cache.

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Thanks for the helpful information. I really appreciate it. How do I direct a url to a specific web page in the www folder?

Copy-paste the index.html file from LuCI and change the refresh target URL in there.